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"You have to tap into what makes you feel uncomfortable as a person so you can bring that to the world. If it’s real for you, it’s gonna be real for the audience. If you’re experiencing something that’s important to you, it’s a personal experience, that’s gonna come across the camera" - Cory Monteith on The Glee Project.

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@nellielisabeth: The Trevor NextGen Prom last night was a blast. Abraham unfortunately couldn’t make it but I spent the evening surrounded wonderful people, including this guy, who helped make it all happen @adamtopherhunt [x]

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@nellielisabeth: ??? therealabraham [x]

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Show! June 4th, 21+ with Kat and The Canaries. I will hopefully have a drummer at this show so come on out for an awesome set :))

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JORTS FTW!! #jabberjorts [Source]

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Happy birthday, Nellie!

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